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‘What’s in our oceans? What do we know about biodiversity of the Southern oceans (health and quantity) including mammals, fishes, crustaceans, ocean plants, in terms of quantity, and their health?

- Southern Community Panel

Response from New Zealand Oil & Gas: The National Aquatic Biodiversity Information System is the Government’s response to this very question.  The site is an interactive web-based mapping tool. Users can map and display information about New Zealand's marine environment, species distributions and fisheries management. Drawing on over 900 maps you can zoom in on different regions and layer a vast range of data to build a picture of what’s in the region.  

We have approached the Ministry for Primary Industries as owner of the NABIS website, seeking their assistance to further explain the site and data sources, and respond to any further questions from the Panel and the wider public.  We will provide any further information here.