Community Panel

Southern Region Conservation

Dog Island Motu Piu Trust

Conservation and Heritage Restoration

Determined Southern community leaders are driving a visionary project to restore the conservation and heritage values of Dog Island Motu Piu.  The island, located about 6.5kms from Bluff is home to a working lighthouse, a few historic buildings and a disused airstrip, but it is its potential as an eco-tourism attraction that is exciting the locals. The Dog Island Motu Piu Community Trust has set itself visionary strategic goals, and we are proud to be early supporters of the project. In the short term our contribution will focus on replanting and re-establishing some basic infrastructure on the island.


Yellow-eyed Penguin Wildlife Hospital

Veterinary care for the South Island’s native wildlife

We have contributed to retain and extend the specialist Wildlife Hospital service provided by the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust, providing local treatment for injured and sick birds over the summer season. Previously injured birds, typically different species of Penguin, were flown to Wellington or Palmerston North for treatment. Having local hospital care available significantly reduces the additional stress of travel, and increases survival rates. We are pleased to contribute to the care of these birds and support the potential for a more permanent facility to continue these services locally.